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Adjustable Rate Mortgages: Good Or Bad?

Deciding whether or not to finance your home using an adjustable versus a fixed rate mortgage is a very important decision. Each of these options has both strengths and weaknesses. However, the final decision comes down primarily to ones’ level of personal and financial risk, as well as to a simple matter of preference. This short article will take a closer look at both types of loans with the intention of helping you make an informed decision. A fixed rate mortgage is a good option for ........ Read More

Arm – Adjustable Rate Mortgages

Traditionally, homebuyers could look to two forms of mortgages – fixed rate and adjustable mortgages. While there are now many more options, this article takes a look at the adjustable rate mortgage. What is an ARM Loan? An adjustable rate mortgage [“ARM”] is a basic mortgage with one important exception. With an ARM, your interest rate will start low but typically move up throughout the link of the loan. The timing of the movements is dictated by the terms of the loan. The rate may be a........ Read More

Adjustable Rate Mortgages Vs. Fixed Rate Mortgages

Buying a home can be an exciting and stressful time for anyone. While you may be excited at the prospect of owning your own home, especially if it is your first home purchase, the idea of choosing between all of the many different types of mortgages may leave you feeling confused and apprehensive. Two of the most common choices you’ll find in the mortgage market are adjustable rate mortgages and fixed rate mortgages. Fixed rate mortgages are the most traditional type of home mortgage, offeri........ Read More

When Is An Adjustable Rate Mortgage A Good Idea?

Amid constantly changing reports about the state of the economy, the future of interest rates, and the mortgage lending industry in general, it has become extremely difficult for the average American to decipher such substantial amounts of information. Extracting the high quality, accurate and reliable data from the wealth of propaganda and inaccuracy is an excruciating task. For this reason, most consumers are confused and unclear about what situations would be considered by experts as “accep........ Read More

Adjustable Rate Mortgage Snafu

Unfortunately we are all aware of the mortgage industry scandal and the sub-prime loan issues. I get a little upset when they try to hang the blame on independent mortgage brokers. Personally, I think it is the banking industry's attempt to put the independent broker out of business. The broker surely didn't write the lender's guidelines. So, ... who's fault is it? A single parent of 4 kids, working in the medical profession, refinanced their loving home. The financing was an adjustable rate ........ Read More

Adjustable Rate Mortgage

The adjustable rate mortgage is a type of loan which will be secured on a home which has an interest rate and monthly payment that will vary. The adjustable rate will transfer a portion of the interest rate from the creditor to the homeowner. The adjustable rate mortgage will often be used in situations where fixed rate loans are hard to acquire. While the borrower will be at an advantage if the interest rate falls, they will be at a disadvantage if it rises. In places like the United Kingdom, t........ Read More

Adjustable Rate Mortgages And Negative Amortization

For many borrowers, adjustable rate mortgages are an attractive means of qualifying for a home. Fewer borrowers realize the potential negative amortization problems these loans can create. Adjustable Rate Mortgages Adjustable rate mortgages are very popular with home buyers. The popularity arises from the fact the initial interest rate on such loans is typically much less than one finds with fixed rate loans. As a result, home owners can squeeze into homes that they might not otherwise be abl........ Read More

Mortgage Products: The Adjustable Rate Mortgage

You’ve found the home of your dreams, you’re pre-qualified for a loan, and everything looks absolutely rosy. At first. As you begin to traverse the actual home appraisal, the loan amortization, your down payment, and all the dots that must be connected in order to make the dream a reality, you suddenly realize that you may not be able to afford a payment on the Fixed Rate Mortgage plan. What other options are available? Well, there’s the Adjustable Rate Mortgage that is a close first........ Read More

Why Choose An Adjustable Rate Mortgage?

Adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs) are appealing to many homebuyers, but what are the risks? An adjustable rate mortgage is one in which the rate changes based on the market interest rates. The rate will adjust on a specific schedule, say once a year, after an initial fixed period. Fixed periods range from six months to five years. Some may have even longer fixed periods. The risk in an ARM comes from having a payment that can change significantly. When you have a fixed rate mortgage, you kn........ Read More

Understanding The Mortgage: Adjustable Or Fixed?

The mortgage is not one simple thing. There are many types of them and they each offer different advantages to those that are looking for one. Purchasing a home is one of the largest investments that you will ever make during your life time. It is ideal to make sure that you make this investment carefully and to the best of your ability. One thing about them that you will want to understand is whether you should go with an adjustable or a fixed type of loan. The differences may seem confusing, b........ Read More

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Adjustable Rate Mortgages

When consumers begin shopping for a home loan they are often presented with the option of using an adjustable rate mortgage. An adjustable rate mortgage (also known as an ARM) can be a great way to buy a home but it can also be a horrible mistake that can lead to foreclosure or even bankruptcy. The difference between joy and disaster is often in the mortgage contract itself. When consumers hear the term "adjustable rate mortgage" they should understand that this is a very broad term indeed, a........ Read More

Achtung ! Stay Away From Adjustable Rate Mortgages ...

If you are thinking of mortgage refinancing then there is one thing you might want to know and that is - you should stay away from ARMs ( adjustable rate mortgages ) ... And if you are wondering why anybody would want to do that, especially since ARMs promise such low interest rates, well here's why ... Adjustable rate mortgages are a great idea when the interest rates are all set to go down for the next several years ... And interest rates go down only when the Government wants to increase c........ Read More

Looking For An Adjustable-rate Mortgage ?

An adjustable rate mortgage is called as ARM in short and it is a type of mortgage where the interest rate is linked with economic index, in this adjustable rate mortgage your payment and interest rate are adjusted accordingly when there is an ups and down in the changes of the index. An adjustable rate mortgage is just opposite to fixed rate mortgage and in this adjustable rate mortgage the monthly payment and interest rate may vary time to time. Adjustable rate mortgage are the right choice as........ Read More

Adjustable Rate Mortgages – Determining Rates

Adjustable rate mortgages are to home buyers as carrots are to bunnies – very tempting. The secret to figuring out if an adjustable rate mortgage is a good deal is the rate index used. Indexes – Setting Rates Lenders really want your business and are willing to create enticing loan products to get it. Occasionally, lenders will offer adjustable rate mortgages that offer a lot of carrot on the front end, but none on the back end. These loans are typically offered to you with an insanely lo........ Read More

What Is An Option Adjustable Rate Mortgage?

Getting a mortgage for your home means that there are many different possible options. An option ARM, or adjustable rate mortgage is one possibility available for financing your new home. This mortgage gives you flexibility in the way you meet your monthly payments. Here are some details that will enable you to know if this mortgage is the one you need to purchase your home. The option ARM's outstanding feature is that it provides the borrower with four different ways to make the monthly paym........ Read More


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