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Interest Only Refinance Options

Are you one of the many home owners that opted for an adjustable rate mortgage over the last five years? Have you seen your interest rate and your payment increase? Florida mortgage expert Jim Kemish discusses the current market environment and a new option for an affordable refinance. Adjustable Rate Mortgage Popularity Over the last five years almost forty percent of all home buyers selected adjustable rate mortgages. In early 2004 signs of inflation begin to appear. These indications pr........ Read More

Tips Regarding Interest Only Loans

What are interest-only loans? How are they structured and who are they right for? How do you avoid common mistakes people make when choosing interest-only loans? Loans with the option of paying only the interest every month are called interest-only loans. These loans allow you to pay on the principal balance only when you want to or when it is convenient for you. Most interest-only (IO) loans carry this option to pay the interest only for a limited amount of time, usually from 5 to 10 years. T........ Read More

Mortgage Loan Basics: Interest Only Loans, Pay Option Arm

To understand loans and mortgages we need to understand loan limits first. If your loan amount exceeds the amount below, you will qualify for a Jumbo Loan, which carries higher interest rate. One-Family (single family homes) $417,000 Two-Family(duplex) $533,850 Three-Family (triplex) $645,300 Four-Family(fourplex) $801,950 FIXED Loans: 30 Year Fixed Mortgage Rates This loan program is fixed for 30 years. Your interest rate will not change for 30 years. This is ideal for people w........ Read More

Re-financing With An Interest Only Mortgage

Interest only mortgages are a relatively new phenomenon in the re-financing industry as well as the home buying industry. While the appeal of an interest only mortgage is typically a greater monthly cash flow, this increased cash flow can come with a hefty price tag. In exchange for more cash flow each month, the homeowner may be sacrificing the ability to obtain a fixed rate mortgage as well as the ability to build equity. This article will further examine these features to provide the reader........ Read More

Interested In An Interest Only Loan

You have finally found the property of your dreams. The contract has been signed and you are now in the process of finding exactly how you will be living and paying off the property for the next few years. Your lender may have already contacted you and given you the options. When the question comes up of what kind of loan you want, be prepared for the answer that will benefit you the most. One of the major types of loans that you may be offered is an interest only loan. This loan is g........ Read More

Regulations Tighten On Interest Only Mortgages

More than 25% of homeowners are paying for their homes with an interest-only mortgage say the Abbey. The reason is obvious – their monthly payments are much less. For example, a £125,000 interest only mortgage at an interest rate of 5% and repayable in 25 years time, costs £525 per month - but on a repayment basis the monthly cost rises by £210 to £735 per month. Understandably, this level of cash saving has proved highly popular with first time buyers struggling to get the feet on the p........ Read More

Mortgages. The Pitfall Of Interest Only Mortgages.

In the first three months of 2002, just 9% of all new mortgages were taken as interest only - but by the last quarter of 2005, the figure had risen to 23%. And amongst first time buyers, the figures rose from 6% to 15%. (Source: Council of Mortgage Lenders.) The reason is obvious. It's down to family economics. With an interest only mortgage, the monthly repayments only repay the ongoing interest so your monthly repayment is low. Repayment of the capital borrowed is delayed to the end of the mo........ Read More

Interest Only Mortgages - Things You Should Know

Interest-Only or “Interest-First” mortgages have been around for quite some time now, but have recently been exploding in popularity. Originally offered primarily in the non-prime market, interest only mortgages are now available as conforming loans and can come as a feature on a wealth of loan programs, including adjustable rate mortgages, 40 and 50 year term loans, stated income loans, and to borrowers with credit scores as low as 540. The first thing you should know about an interest-o........ Read More

Interest-only Loans Can Buy More House And More Trouble

They're spreading like wildfire--interest-only mortgages appear to be the panacea for rising home prices and the incomes that can’t quite catch up. You can buy "more house" and have a low mortgage payment and a big tax deduction. Who wouldn’t want one, right? Well, a large number of consumers are getting into these loans when they shouldn’t. Interest-only mortgages work well for some individuals and are dangerous for most others, yet the number of interest-only loans is rising rapidly. ........ Read More

Mortgages. Why Interest Only Can Be A Risky Option

The Council of Mortgage Lenders’ figures are showing a growing trend in interest only mortgages. From January to March 2002, 9% of new mortgages were interest only. Now take the period from October to December 2005, and the amount of new interest only mortgages has risen to 23%. In the same timeframe, the number of first time buyers choosing interest only mortgages has increased from 6% to 15%. There’s a good reason for this upturn, and that’s because the monthly payments are so much lowe........ Read More

Interest Only Home Loans

When choosing home loans home buyers are presented with a choice of borrowing formats. They can either select repayment home loans or interest only home loans. Repayment home loans involve the home owner making monthly repayments where the amount repaid includes the interest charged for that month AND a small percentage of the capital. Interest only home loans, as their name suggests, involves the home owner making repayments of the interest only each month. The home owner is then required to ch........ Read More

Interest Only Mortgages

These days, as people scramble for new and more creative ways to finance buying a home, the interest only mortgage is becoming more common and well known. An interest only mortgage is one in which you have the option of paying only the interest (or just the interest and a portion of the principal) each month in the early years of the mortgage loan. Interest only periods may be applied to adjustable rate mortgages, or 30 year fixed rate mortgages, depending on the lender. In a traditional mortg........ Read More

Finding An Interest Only Mortgage

An interest only mortgage is a type of mortgage where you will pay only the interest and does not repay the principal amount for a period of time and during this period; the loan balance will remain the same. In twenties this type of loan was normal, as it worked fine as the home did not lose value and the borrower does not lose his job, but when there was depression in thirties that made these loans to get into the foreclosures, and the lenders stopped giving this kind of loans, as they wanted........ Read More

What Is An Interest Only Mortgage

The CML (Council of Mortgage Lenders) show that nearly 6 Million people have received mortgages that are interest only. Interest only mortgages means that your monthly payments are applied only to the interest accrued on the debt and not the actual debt itself. Additionally, the CML has found that many first time home purchasers are seeking interest only mortgages. The number of first time buyers that apply for interest only loans increases each year. Why such a boom in this type of loan? Well r........ Read More

Understanding Interest Only Mortgages

There are currently around 6 million homeowners who have an interest only mortgage. This type of mortgage means that the monthly repayments that you make are just taken off the amount of interest that the mortgage accumulates. The capitol which you borrowed must be paid back when the mortgage has run its terms. The interest only mortgage seems to be very popular with those who are house buying for the first time. Recent research showed that the amount of first time buyers taking out an intere........ Read More


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