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Mortgage Life Insurance Shopping

You thought you were finished signing the papers, but suddenly you are handed an insurance application asking you to confirm you are healthy and offering to pay off your mortgage in the case of your death. And if you're like most people, you sign it and think nothing of the cost as the quote is a low weekly or monthly figure. For most people that's a mistake, as they don't realize that a personal mortgage life insurance policy can cost a lot less and offer you a lot more. But What Does "Mortg........ Read More

When Can Cheap Mortgage Protection Insurance Protect You?

Cheap mortgage protection insurance is underestimated by the vast majority of people, despite the major impact it can have on individual homeowners’ lives. Many individuals who are set on purchasing home insurance to protect their belongings often fail to protect their home itself with cheap mortgage protection insurance. As with every insurance policy, there are exclusions associated with the cheap mortgage protection insurance out there. Firstly, most providers understandably do not cove........ Read More

Term Life Insurance Vs Bank Mortgage Insurance

Possibly most people today are aware of the great difference between term life insurance and bank mortgage insurance. People know that the bank owns the insurance (you don't) you have to pay for it (they don't) they are the beneficiary (your heirs are not) and it goes on and on. Term Life Insurance But apart from those good reasons, remember also that most bank mortgage life insurance is a lot more expensive. But it is not only more costly in dollars, it is also a lot more expensive in hum........ Read More

The Importance Of Mortgage Life Insurance

Let’s face it – mention things mortgage life insurance – in fact anything personal finance related - and we all know that it is as dull as dishwater. However, without things like mortgage life cover - life could be a lot harder financially. So, what is mortgage life insurance and what is so great about it? In a nutshell, in the event of you or your partner dying, mortgage life insurance can mean that the difference between keeping a roof over your head or ending up having your home repos........ Read More

Mortgage Life Insurance: What Is It?

Mortgage life insurance is an insurance policy that is taken out by a home buyer to protect the lender in the event of a death. When a borrower purchases a home, a lender in most cases protects itself with mortgage life insurance on your life. This is commonly the case unless a down payment of at least 20% is made. Group Mortgage Life Insurance This group mortgage life insurance payment is based on the original mortgage amount and is paid as part of the monthly mortgage payment until a bor........ Read More

Is Cheap Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance Possible?

It is possible to get cheap mortgage payment protection insurance (MPPI) but you have to know where to go for the premiums. Historically, the cover that is sold alongside mortgages from the high street lender can add hundreds or even thousands of pounds onto the cost of the mortgage more than it need to if you had gone with the specialist in payment protection products. Cheap mortgage payment protection insurance is taken out if you wish to safeguard against the possibility that you might com........ Read More

Mortgage Repayment Protection Insurance

Mortgage Repayment Protection Insurance is usually taken out at the time you apply for a mortgage but can be arranged with some insurance companies after the mortgage has been completed. You should seek suitable advice about arranging such cover from a suitably authorised person. Mortgage Repayment Protection Insurance provides cover in the event of you being unable to work as a result of an accident or illness or being made involuntary unemployed. The maximum amount of cover that you c........ Read More

Mortgage Insurance Explained

Getting a mortgage is bad enough – what with terms like fixed rate, discount, variable etc – so mention mortgage insurance and naturally your eyes will start to glaze over. However, mortgage insurance is an extremely important insurance to have – in fact, it can the difference between keeping a roof over your head or ending up having your home repossessed. If you recently took out a mortgage, you may remember the lender asking you whether you wanted mortgage payment protection insurance........ Read More

Looking At Your Mortgage Insurance Options

Mortgage insurance is most definitely recommended for experienced homeowners and those looking to get on the property ladder for the first time alike because of what every individual policy offers. Mortgage insurance can protect your repayments, usually for up to a year, if you were to ever lose your job via redundancy or contract a long-term illness that will prevent you from working for a time. Any individual has three options when it comes to mortgage insurance – the standalone policy, ........ Read More

Protect Yourself With Life Insurance Mortgage Cover

If you have a mortgage then it is essential that you cover the mortgage with life insurance mortgage cover. This is insurance that is taken out which, in the event of you dying, will pay out a lump sum which will cover the total amount of your mortgage so that your dependants are left financially worry-free. There are different types of life insurance mortgage cover. If you have a mortgage in just one name then you will of course only need to cover your own life but if you have a joint mortg........ Read More

Cheap Mortgage Protection Insurance Is Just A Click Away

Cheap mortgage protection insurance is just a click away when you do your searching for the cover online with an independent specialist provider. A specialist provider will help you to make huge savings on what could be valuable cover providing you have checked the exclusions against your current circumstances. These can be found in the small print of the policy and must be read before buying mortgage payment protection insurance because a lack of knowledge regarding them could make a policy us........ Read More

Study Uk Mortgage Protection Insurance

When it comes to taking out UK mortgage protection insurance then you have to study it very carefully if you want to ensure that it will do the jobs it’s intended to do otherwise you could not only waste your money on a policy that is not worth the paper it is written on, but will be putting your home at risk if you cannot afford to meet your monthly mortgage repayments. When taken out correctly UK mortgage protection insurance can give you a monthly tax free income with which to continue p........ Read More

Take Care When Buying Mortgage Insurance

In 2005 the Financial Services Authority (FSA) began investigating the payment protection insurance sector and subsequently handed out fines to several well known firms on the high street for mis-selling payment protection products. Recommendations were made for selling the cover and some changes for the better have been seen, however recently the FSA handed out a fine not only to a firm, but also the Chief Executive for failing to follow the proper procedures when it came to selling mortgage in........ Read More

What Is Private Mortgage Insurance?

Private mortgage insurance or PMI as is known is a form of insurance new homeowners are required to purchase. This is particularly so if their down payment is 20 percent or less of the property's valued price or sale price. The main reason for private mortgage insurance is to protect lenders in the case the new homeowner defaults on their home loan. Although private mortgage insurance has a bad reputation since it only protects lenders, it is actually a good thing. Reason is it has allowed mill........ Read More

Mortgage Life Insurance Broker - Why You Need One

For those people who can’t afford the 20% down for their home, the lender will require you to carry mortgage life insurance to protect them in case you become unable to pay. For this situation, the mortgage life insurance is owned by the bank, not by you. You are paying for life insurance on your life for the benefit of the bank. It is not for your benefit when offered at the time of signing the final papers. When this time comes, there are a few pieces of information you should be aware of. T........ Read More


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