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A Change Is In The Market For Subprime Mortgage Loans

The subprime market is undergoing a major change due to the recent narrowing of lender guidelines regarding applicants. Why in particular is the subprime market being targeted? Perhaps this is because the subprime market tends to experience more problems with meeting their loan obligations than other markets. Individuals who have to acquire a subprime loan typically have a spotty credit record, no credit record at all, or a bad credit record. No matter how you look at it, any lender who ha........ Read More

Mortgage Loans - The Top Predatory Red Flags

The sub prime market for home mortgages is a hot bed of predatory practices. These types of lenders prey on the elderly, borrowers with poor credit who have few options, and less educated and non English speaking customers. They give the entire industry in general and other good sub prime lenders more specifically a bad name. A" Perfect Storm" of lax oversight, a down market, and hungry investors makes the perfect environment for predatory lending practices. And there are plenty of takers tha........ Read More

Cheap Mortgage Loans Present More Problems For Market

With the real estate market in a real funk, there have been many short term solutions attempted by lenders to gain more business. In short, banks are tightening up their standards and are having trouble finding lenders to take on the high payments associated with top notch interest rates. What has their solution of choice been? They want to entice people to get a mortgage loan with a significantly lower payment. Though this might sound like a good solution on the surface, it has created problems........ Read More

Commercial Mortgage Loans

Commercial Mortgage Loans are specially tailored for purchasing property that can be used for commercial use, the expansion for current business premises, and any residential and commercial investment as well for property development. Difference between residential loans and Commercial loans If you are considering buying a property of four units or less, it is considered as a home loan. However a property of five units or more is considered as a commercial loan. Commercial mortgage loans can b........ Read More

Is It Getting Any Easier To Qualify For Mortgage Loans?

Anyone who has been around in the last two to three years understands exactly what the market is going through. If you are a first time home buyer and you have had trouble getting mortgage loans to purchase that house, then you feel the pain of many others who are in the same boat. The real estate market is in a down time, as lenders just aren’t nearly as willing to give out mortgage loans as they used to. In the past, practically any person with a form of identification could go up to a bank ........ Read More

Bridge Loans As A Mortgage Opportunity

A bridge loan is just that. That is, it bridges the time between your real and acute need for money, typically to prevent foreclosure, and the time you are going to get financing. The money from the consequent financing source is then used to repay the loan. The world of real estate financing has been the most common consumer of bridge loans. Here the loan is used the means for tiding over on the mortgage of a new home while the previous one is either currently in the process of being sold, o........ Read More

Jumbo Loans: A Different Way To Manage Your Mortgage

Interest only jumbo loans are a unique concept for borrowing, whether for a house or another major purchase. A traditional loan requires that each and every month monies be paid toward interest and principal. Interest only jumbo loans require payment of interest each and every month, but payment of principal is optional. Who can benefit from an interest only jumbo loan? One type of person who can benefit from interest only jumbo loans is a person who knows they will come into a substantial sum........ Read More

Mortgage Rates, Loans And Financing

Very low mortgage rates have been instrumental in increasing the purchasing power of millions in the US, Europe and around the world. For one year mortgage rates are on the rise and home prices leveling out. Foreclosures are becoming more common, especially in the American Midwest, but it is still on a low level. We can now expect a gradual rise in mortgage rates the coming year. The 30-year rates will likely continue to rise in the upcoming months, but should not go past 7% in the US. In Europe........ Read More

Mortgage Loans After Bankruptcy

Many people believe that once they file for bankruptcy they will have a difficult time getting a mortgage loan. However, there is still hope for being approved even with a recent bankruptcy. If you have bad credit and apply for a mortgage loan, more emphasis will be placed on your income your down payment. Most lenders prefer to wait until two years after your bankruptcy before considering a person for a mortgage loan. After these two years, it should be relatively easy to get financing. In add........ Read More

Mortgages And Loans. Islamic Finance Avoids Interest.

Two million Muslims in the UK face an ethical dilemma if they want a mortgage or a loan. Conventional mortgages and loans all require the payment of interest and “riba” as interest is called under Islamic law, is forbidden by the Koran. British financial institutions are increasingly catering for Muslims' specialist needs through a number of alternative arrangements that respects the teachings of the Koran. Here are just two of them: Ijara with diminishing Musharaka – the mortgage altern........ Read More

What Are Subprime Mortgage Loans?

Subprime lending refers to the extension of credit to higher-risk borrowers, a practice also commonly referred to as "B/C" or "nonconforming" credit. Loans to subprime borrowers serve communities that may have been underserved by other lenders in the past. In recent years, subprime mortgage lending has grown dramatically, with over 90% of all subprime mortgage loans made in or after 1993. By the end of 1996, the total value of outstanding subprime mortgage loans exceeded $350 billion. In 1997 al........ Read More

Balloon Or Reset Mortgage Loans - Understanding The Basics

A balloon mortgage, also called a reset mortgage, offers lower interest rates with the option in 5 or 7 years to pay off the balance or resent the loan. Considered more risky than an ARM since interest rates can jump significantly, it is a valid option for those expecting to move or interest rates to drop. Balloon Mortgage Features Balloon mortgages are based on a 30 year amortization schedule, but you only pay those payments for 5 or 7 years depending on your loan’s terms. At the end of tha........ Read More

Finding The Best And Right Mortgage Loans

The home mortgage might be biggest personal financial commitment of a borrower in his or her lifetime. Hence, it becomes very important to choose the right kind of home mortgage to save money as well as save from headaches which might crop up in the future. Mortgage is a kind of a pledge or guarantee made by the home purchaser or borrower to repay the loan to the lender. A right home mortgage loan can save thousands of dollars in the long run. Hence, it becomes very important and crucial to the ........ Read More

Mortgage Loan Basics: Interest Only Loans, Pay Option Arm

To understand loans and mortgages we need to understand loan limits first. If your loan amount exceeds the amount below, you will qualify for a Jumbo Loan, which carries higher interest rate. One-Family (single family homes) $417,000 Two-Family(duplex) $533,850 Three-Family (triplex) $645,300 Four-Family(fourplex) $801,950 FIXED Loans: 30 Year Fixed Mortgage Rates This loan program is fixed for 30 years. Your interest rate will not change for 30 years. This is ideal for people w........ Read More

Fha Mortgage Loans - The Benefits Of An Fha Mortgage

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) insures mortgages to allow low to moderate income families to purchase their own home. With government backing, families can buy a home at a lower initial cost. However, there are limitations with this program. Mortgage Insurance – Section 203(b) The FHA provides mortgage insurance, not mortgage loans to families. However, this program can reduce the cost of a home loan by thousands of dollars. The program also encourages lenders to finance mortgages ........ Read More


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Mortgage Mortgage Refinance Mortgage Loans Adjustable Mortgage
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