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Mortgage Rates Are Good But You Still Need To Research Them

If you are currently looking to get a mortgage, rates look very good. The average 30 year fixed mortgage rate has fallen just over 40 basis points in the past couple of weeks. The government is focused on helping banks refinance existing clients who have homes that are actually worth less than they owe. Government intervention will allow banks to lower their rates on new mortgages, and another Federal Reserve rate cut in the near future will allow rates to fall even further. So, rates are ........ Read More

How To Get The Lowest Refinance Mortgage Rates

Those considering refinancing their home for a better mortgage rate should consider a number of factors, and learn the tips and tricks to help get the best rates for their mortgage. You should never take the first refinance offer that is made. Shopping around to compare interest rates and terms from a wide variety of lenders will help you to get the best deal possible. Once you have found a good deal, you should check to find out whether there will be any hidden fees. These can include closing ........ Read More

Mortgage Rates: Three Tips For Getting A Good Deal

Mortgage rates are not for the faint of heart. In the commitment scale, buying a home ranks right up there with getting married. Taking out a mortgage can be very scary, not just because you could be stuck with the pay-off longer than you could be stuck in a marriage, but also because the money involved is no joke. For this reason, taking out a mortgage is a huge, daunting commitment. You will have to repay the loan every month, for many years to come. If you default on payments, you risk lo........ Read More

Mortgage Investment And Interest Rates

Invest in yourself - Invest in Your Own mortgage and reduce those interest charges. Let's begin with the premise that you are a homeowner, have a mortgage and have at least a small amount of money left each month to invest. Where do you invest it? You'll want a safe investment that pays more than those bond funds. It would be nice if your investment compounded monthly. How about accessibility? Yeah, that's very important. No problem. The baby boomer generation were taught that having savings i........ Read More

Mortgage Interest Rates 101

Many things affect mortgage rates - which is why they fluctuate. So it pays to understand a little about how mortgage interest rates are generated. The more you know about the economic factors that change rates, the more prepared you are to find the perfect home loan at an interest rate that's perfect for you as well. Market Conditions When the Federal Reserve Board raises or lowers rates, there is usually an impact on the rate you will get for your fixed rate home loan, although it's not as di........ Read More

Inflation Worries Cause Mortgage Rates To Rise

Inflation worries, lead by reports of a jump in consumer spending November along with a rise in inflation during the same period, have caused major lending institutions to raise their 30-Year mortgage rates to above 6 percent. The average rate rose to 6.17 percent in some markets, compared with less than 5.96 percent just three weeks ago. Analysts points to the worry about inflation being a major factor in the rise of long-term bond yields over the past week, which has a direct effect on mor........ Read More

Mortgages And Interest Rates

Interest rates can affect the type of mortgage you choose and dictate when it’s wise to make a change. Here are a few of the factors that can be affected by a swing in interest rates: Choosing a mortgage When interest rates are rising, a fixed-rate mortgage is usually a good choice, since it locks in the current rate and protects you from the higher rates to come. When rates are falling, an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) becomes more attractive, as its interest rate changes periodically (usu........ Read More

Mortgage Rates Are Lower Than Last Year And May Help You

Mortgage rates are expected to keep dropping in anticipation of the Federal Reserve meeting in the last week of April, as a result of extremely low builder and buyer confidence in the market, and extremely weak housing starts. Everyone is betting that rates will be cut- yet again. This could be good news for people being squeezed by large mortgage payments looking to refinance, or for families who want to reduce their long term interest burden by moving into a shorter term mortgage. However, fin........ Read More

Now Or Later? Taking Advantage Of Mortgage Rates

Have you ever heard the story of the guy who always held out until tomorrow because he was certain mortgage rates were going to go lower? He waited his entire life and ended up dying with plenty of money, but living in an apartment. Sort of defeats the purpose of saving money to buy a home, doesn't it? A lot of us are like this fellow, we are constantly waiting around for the best deal to come along. We are certain we can wait out the market - little do we realize the market can long outlive........ Read More

Jumbo Mortgage Rates

Mortgage rates such as Jumbo rates vary quite a bit. Jumbo loans often provide you with options such as fixed-rates. Still, the fixed rate options vary. Sometimes these rates change. Usually the rates established are based on the changes in the Treasure Bill Rates, Truth in Lending Laws, and lastly the common market rates. Jumbo mortgage rates often rise above a definite limit. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac programs often set these limits. The mortgage rates or else the limits stream from ann........ Read More

Why Mortgage Rates Rise When The Fed Cuts Rates

Short term loans like car loans, credit cards and home equity loans are automatically lowered with Federal rate cuts because they are based on the Prime rate. Longer term loans such as mortgages aren’t because they are based on competing investment options, for instance investing in stocks rather than real estate. When the Fed cuts rates the stock market takes it as an “all is well” signal, making stocks a more appealing investment. This causes money to be removed from the mortgage backed........ Read More

Dramatic Turn In Mortgage Rates

The Freddie Mac's Primary Mortgage Market Survey released last week, showed that both the long term and short-term conventional mortgage interest rates are going to suffer huge downward turns. This was forecasted before Tuesday when Federal Reserve made half point rate cut. Though there is no direct relationship between the Federal Reserve's twisted rates and the treasury rates that determine mortgage interest rate, but still there is dexterity between both the rates. In the survey by Freddie........ Read More

How Do I Shop For The Best Mortgage Rates?

For many consumers who are looking for the best mortgage rates the first step should be to find out exactly where they are in the credit world. Nothing can be more disappointing than spending hours shopping for the best prime interest rates only to discover that you do not or will not qualify for those loans. To avoid disappointment, start with learning about your own credit and then move on from there. The first step to learning more about your own credit is to order a copy of your credit re........ Read More

Mortgage Rates - Something Better Than Shopping For Rates

Is it possible? Something better than getting the best mortgage rates! Yes. I know it’s surprising and that it goes against what everyone says but it is true and… I can prove it. First let’s define what we mean by the “best rates” and the financial value that we can attach to shopping for the best rates. The best rate is the best mortgage rate available for you by any lender. The advent of super mortgage brokers and the Internet has forced the mortgage industry to become very ........ Read More

Searching For Mortgage Rates-how To Utilize The Internet

Anyone who has every had to look for a mortgage will tell you how important it is to check various mortgage rates to ensure that you are getting the best interest rate and the best mortgage for you and your finances. In the past, searching for mortgage rates meant calling lenders and finding out what their rates were, as well as their terms. This was a long process that many people balked at - and many didn't do at all because of the amount of time that it took. However, now you're in luck. Find........ Read More


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Mortgage Mortgage Refinance Mortgage Loans Adjustable Mortgage
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