How We Have Developed?

Real Choice Mortgages was established by solicitors, primarily for value-adding and increasing the revenue for law and accounting firms by creating a new and effective profit centre within their existing business structures.

Solicitors soon identified that the preparation of lengthy documentation, the offering of financial advice to their clients and the perplexing increase in the array of products and financial institutions, was not their forte.

The introduction of the Consumer Credit Code in 1996 significantly changed certain aspects within the banking industry. Banks became more competitive, margins were reduced dramatically and, more importantly, solicitors were required to have a lot more product knowledge.

As a result of these changes, Real Choice Mortgages became the “intermediary” between the banks and solicitors.

Lending Managers and Commercial Lending Managers were introduced as fully trained, commercially accredited staff. This enabled personalized service by these managers speaking directly with solicitors’ clients, verifying their requirements, and, in an impartial approach, offering products that were available on the market for clients’ consideration.

Real Choice Mortgages now boasts a portfolio of over 4 billion dollars of settled loans spread across its panel of more than 30 lenders.