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Mexican Banking And Investment In Transition

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Banking and investment in Mexico have changed radically over the past decade, and the economic events that prompted these changes will have a significant impact on Mexico's role in regional and world financial markets. Adams traces the evolution of Mexico's banking and investment activities, reviews current conditions and their implications for future investment opportunities in Mexico, and makes clear that what happens to Mexico's economy and political stability will have major implications for what happens elsewhere in the world. One of the first books to look at banking and investment in Mexico after the peso crash of 1994-1995, with a highly detailed bibliography and notes, Adams's study will be important reading for international business, finance, and investment professionals and for their colleagues with similar interests throughout the academic community. The fate of both Mexico and the United States is that the two countries are forever tied by geography. The historical evolution of the dual interaction between the peoples of these two nations is and will be significant for the future of both countries. With this in mind, the book is divided into chapters reviewing such themes as the interaction and historical financial events that transpired during the advent of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the expansion of cross-border financial and investment services, as well as a framework and background review of the events leading up to and resulting from the devaluations of the 1970s and 1980s, and more recently the evolution of the peso crisis of 1994-1995. The imperceptible yet gradual economic integration of the two economies has required time in developing, while not always being seamless in its implementation and transition. American macroeconomic policy has long had a direct impact on the economy of Mexico, as is evidenced by the impact of U.S. interest rates on the financial underpinnings of the Mexican treasury and the banking system to assist with the overall economic growth of the nation. An appreciation for the historically sensitive issues and perspectives, be they nationalization of the oil industry, immigration, or market access for foreign financial services, is paramount to a fuller understanding of doing business on both sides of the border.

Regulation And Instability In U.s. Commercial Banking

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Financial crises take us by surprise and make us ask how this could have happened. We also immediately try to understand how crises can be kept from reoccurring. In the United States, the response to a bank crisis has always been more regulation. This book seeks to understand the history of bank crises and to reconcile how, over the course of history, we have more regulation and heightened instability. From the antebellum era through the most recent real estate driven bank crisis, this book carefully considers the relationship between regulation and bank stability. In the end, the regulation stifles competition and inadvertently encourages banks to take on additional risk. As regulators and policymakers contemplate their response to the 2007-2009 crisis, the certain tendency will be towards more regulation. Unfortunately, this response will inevitably lead to another crisis in the future.

Financial Markets And The Banking Sector

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Based on both theoretical and empirical approaches, the essays in this volume emphasise the role of ethics in a globalized economy. Part I looks at the evolution of global finance and how efficiently, or otherwise, it works, while Part II focuses on the role of banking institutions. Using up-to-date research, the contributors focus on recent developments in the financial world. The current economic crisis is also taken into account, making this volume an essential and timely study of particular value to economists and financial historians as well as those with a professional interest in the monetary sector.


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