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Debt Collections Without Making Embarrassing Phone Calls

RRP $16.99

This is a quick and easy method of doing debt collections WITHOUT PHONE CALLS. You'll be rolling your eyes when you find out how easy it is so I've also included tips to improve cash flow and how to keep the customer happy. To find out if this simple collection method is for you, answer these quick questions: 1. Are you embarrassed to call your customers and ask for your money? 2. Are you afraid to lose your customers if you do collections? 3. Do you want to continue doing volunteer/charity work or making product donations to your customers? 4. How much money do your customers owe you? It is important to remember that doing collections isn't just about getting paid, it's also about keeping your customer happy so they want to continue doing business with you.

A Debt Paid In The Marriage Bed

RRP $10.50

The unwilling Ricci wifeAngelina's world is shattered when Lorenzo Ricci walks through the door of her engagement party and demands she call off the weddingbecause she's still married to him! She left the formidable Italian to save her heart, but now, with her family business at stake, Angelina must consider his termsIn need of an heir, Lorenzo will use any means to reclaim his wayward wife and return her to their marriage bed. He'll make her debts disappear if she repays himin desire! The chemistry may be alive and well between them, but can they survive their tempestuous reunion unscathed? "

Mega Debt-busters

RRP $13.99

Mega Debt-Busters can help you get out of debt with powerful spiritual truths. It will prepare your mind and your wallet for useful financial action that honors God.See what the Bible says about debt in this Christian how-to guide by Xeric Award winning author, Joe Chiappetta. It is a powerful and practical how to get out of debt guide. If you are in financial debt or just want help managing money from a spiritual perspective, this is for you.Whether it be known as respectable debt such as a home mortgage and student loans, or not-so-respectable debt such as maxed-out credit cards or overdue bills, you do not have to be a slave to our materialistic world. With God, patience, faith and discipline, you can bust out from under the shackles of your creditors and become debt-free. Mega Debt-Busters contains all the godly budgeting advice from the original Debt-Busters edition plus 3 times more new material updated to overcome today's financial challenges.


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